Sight Reading Help for Altos Only

April-Sings-alot-3680Your voice is stunning.

And when you hit the right notes, blending perfectly with everyone around you, it’s enough to make the hairs on your arms stand up. You feel taller. And for a moment lose yourself in the music.

Until you realize you don’t remember the next note. And you panic.

Breathless. Lost. The moment is gone.

We’ve all been there.  Drawing a blank when the stakes are high.

That’s exactly why I created the confidence course For Altos Only, an online program dedicated to helping you sight read music and sing with confidence!

Music has the power to transform.  To lift us up.  To inspire joy and creativity that seeps into every inch of our lives.

All you need is a few basic skills, focused practice, plenty of encouragement, and you’ll be confidently sharing your talents as well.

Feeling frustrated with music can be a thing of the past.