8 Surprising Benefits of Singing

Here’s some fun benefits to share with friends who may be nervous to join a choir.

Once you know about all the advantages, how can you resist the opportunity to make music AND help improve your health?

Singing regularly…

…keeps you looking young.

As you sing you make facial expressions that help improve muscle tone throughout your face and neck.

So yes, in a way, singing regularly is like giving yourself a face lift!

…stops you from snoring.

It’s true! Singing tightens those larynx muscles and improves your sleep. You can use this as a reason to make sure your spouse never lets you miss a rehearsal! (Or as a recruiting reason if your partner snores!) <img decoding=” />

…detoxifies your body.

When you sing, your voice shakes your body to its very core. This has a cleansing affect at a molecular level. Don’t believe me? Check out this interesting article all about it. 

…is a great way to meditate.

Singing focuses your brain, calms the mental chatter that we all experience, and allows us to escape from the worries and stresses of life. What better way to meditate than to sing your favorite calming song as a sort of a lullaby to yourself? I’ve even created a few custom ones you can check out here. 

…increases your metabolism.

Singing makes you skinny. There, I said it. Between the detoxification, endorphins released, and thyroid stimulation how can you NOT shed some pounds in the process? In fact, I think that calls for a celebratory piece of candy from my secret stash! <img decoding=” />

…helps your hearing.

When singing with a group you learn to take in the voices around you and to hear nuances and harmonies you never noticed before. Which is bound to help when you are trying to figure out what your friends are whispering about across the room….right?

…has similar benefits to exercise.

Do you feel exhausted after a particularly long rehearsal? It’s because of all the physical work you do to sing properly! Breathing correctly works out those elusive ab muscles and it also increases your aerobic capacity because of all the oxygen exchanged and improves circulation.

…strengthens your immune system.

A choir rehearsal can actually help you fight off that cold you feel coming on. Studies have shown that choir members have increased immune system function after rehearsal than members who just sat and listened to music. Isn’t that amazing?

Want more help with singing in choir? Check out the choir course here! 

April Ebeling is passionate about making music and helping others to do the same. She helps altos around the world develop confidence in their singing through online courses, support groups, and articles like these. April started her professional singing career as lead vocalist with Navy Band New Orleans and holds several degrees in music. For more information on her music, visit AprilSingsalot.com.