Three things your choir director wished you knew:

1. When you don’t sing out we have no idea if you know your part.

We would rather hear you and have to ask you to sing softer than not hear you and wonder if you are even singing. Trust me, strong and wrong is always better in rehearsal settings!

2. We want to know when you have questions or need another run through of your part.

Feel guilty about holding up rehearsal? Believe me, if you are not getting the part it is highly likely you are not the only one. If another run through is not possible, please stay late to get the help you need. We would much rather help you learn the part than for you to go home feeling lost and not want to return.

3. Sometimes we have a hard time singing that alto line too!

As a director I try to sing along with the alto line because I want to help the section hear their part and also because it is a challenge for me as well. Whenever I have trouble finding a starting pitch or hearing a particular interval I admire how well you all pick it up!

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April Ebeling is passionate about making music and helping others to do the same. She helps altos around the world develop confidence in their singing through online courses, support groups, and articles like these. April started her professional singing career as lead vocalist with Navy Band New Orleans and holds several degrees in music. For more information on her music, visit