5 Music Tools No Singer Can Live Without


There are many free apps that will provide this service. I recommend this app because it is so versatile and easy to use. Several functions set app apart from the competition. It allows you to tap in your tempo (in case you have learned the song by feel and don’t know the actual tempo marking). You can also change the time signature and choose which beat you want accented (in case there’s a tricky section where you need to sing or play on the off beats). Perhaps most importantly, you can make a playlist of songs so that if you’re rehearsing a set list you can go straight into the next song without needing to change your settings. Absolutely a must have for any serious musician…and at $2.99 it’s a no-brainer!  

Ear Training

This website provides free training on identifying intervals both by sound and sight. It’s a great way to brush up on trouble spots before an audition or when returning to choir after summer break. This app for your phone will allow you to access similar training on the go!


A virtual keyboard will allow you to play simple melody lines for yourself and learn tricky vocal passages or reinforce parts learned in rehearsal. Having access to the keyboard online means you can access it anywhere when you have a few minutes to practice!

Voice Recorder

These days many phones come with a voice recorder app already onboard. However, in case you need one, I have linked some options below. Having a recorder app on your phone ensures that you always have it handy to record rehearsals, voice parts, lessons, and any songs you may be inspired to sing while out and about.  Android App    Iphone App

Voice Trainer

A free app for either iphone or android that gives you warm up exercises customized for your voice type. There is also an option to play in your own melody lines (perhaps a particularly difficult passage from your repertoire) and have that included in your warm up exercises. You can share your customized warm-ups with other singers, students, or even save them for future use.  Another option for free warm up exercises is this app for iphone users.

Download the pdf guide for easy reference: 5 music tools